Tesla Model 3 Charging Cost Calculator Uk

All these data elements are editable so that you can ensure the results reflect your driving pattern. Please contact Tesla with any questions about your Model 3.

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Tesla model 3 charging cost calculator uk. Simply enter your starting and chose a finishing from the drop down list. Skip to Tesla Model 3 charging Information. Including charging losses of 12 you spent 3886088 4416.

That works out to 350 kwh. You can use the EV Home Charging Calculator to find out how much it costs and how long it takes to charge your electric vehicle at home. Third-party hard-wired EVSE devices are available but few compete with the Tesla Wall Connector on price nor are most capable of charging the LR battery at maximum speed a 60-amp.

A supercharging station with a rate of about 032 per kWh can cost you about 13 to fully charge the Standard Range Plus variant of the Tesla Model 3. Insurancemo Get a Quote Incentives. Then enter the unit cost.

Based on the national average electricity cost and average cost of. Cost of charging a Tesla Model 3. In Europe Model 3 comes standard with a CCS Combo 2 charging standard so it can also.

The calculator defaults to Real MPG current fuel prices and 10000 annual miles. Learn more about the Tesla Model 3 including charging range performance cost and more with Pure-EVs Tesla Model 3 charging guide. Based on these figures the Tesla Model 3s fuel costs are 4-6 pmile based on real-world energy usage the cost depending on the type of charging.

This delivers a range of 254 miles. In the case where the maximum charge rate for the LR desired the ideal solution is the optional 500 Tesla Wall Connector the SR Model 3 can charge at full speed from a 6-50 or 14-50 outlet. Available in three versions.

This estimate is for entertainment purposes only. In general home charging provides the cheapest per mile cost and public rapid charging tends to be. A suitable Tesla Supercharger cost calculator tool can help you crunch out the exact figure to charge you Tesla vehicle depending on your specific state supercharging rate.

Assuming all at-home charging weve averaged 55 cents per mile in our Model 3 Long Range. Add perhaps 10 to that for various inefficiencies in the charging process and youre probably remarkably close to the truth. Say you drove 1000 miles at 035 kWh per mile.

When charging at home it really depends on your location but if you assume average electricity costs 013 per kWh for most homes and that youre charging a Tesla Model 3 Long Range 50 kWh battery it would cost around 650 to fully charge a totally empty battery at home. The cost of charging your car will vary between home work and public chargepoints below are our estimates. The results show cost per mile weekly.

To use the tool select your vehicle from our list of new or used plug-in vehicles enter the power rating of your home charger 3kW or 7kW and enter your home electricity cost. Choose the socket youre charging from or manually adjust voltage and amperage. If you want to calculate the cost of charging fill in how much you pay per kWh of electricity.

But off-peak I calculate the same as you – 75 kWh 0066 kWh 495 for a 0-100 charge and 310 miles of range. The UK public charger cost calculator is now available. The Tesla Model 3 is currently one of the most popular electric vehicles in the UK.

How much does it cost to charge my Tesla using a public charger. Charging on the Pod Point Network is usually free through the Pod Point App. Your Tesla can charge anywherewith standard equipment and convenient options including our global charging networks.

The Model 3 like all Teslas can charge at any public charging station or at any Tesla home destination or Supercharger. Where You Park Stay charged wherever you normally parkovernight at home during the day at your workplace or around the city. Double that if you are charging a Tesla with a 100 kWh battery the largest battery Tesla makes that is available on the.

Other Electric Vehicles Charging Calculators. Click here to visit this dynamic sheet. I think the big takeaway Ive had from playing around with all these things it makes a lot more sense to top up rather let the car get low before charging doing that means staying in the cheap rate for each charge rather than getting into the day rate.

The fuel cost calculator enables you to calculate the expected fuel costs over a specified mileage for your TESLA Model 3. Set the current and desired state of charge 20-80 by default. With a maximum range of 360 miles Model 3 can go anywhere and it has access to Teslas vast network of more than 445 Supercharger stations.

The calculation factors in a charge loss of 96 this may vary with temperature. Now added the highest and lowest price indication red for highest green for lowest for charge cost home usage and home charge. The fastest charging EV in the world.

At the higher marginal cost of 10856 cents per kWh you spent 358010856 3886 to move the car 1000 miles. Heres the key information at a glance. Based on a price of 24pkWh a full charge in the Model 3 Standard Range Plus costs 12.

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