Tesla Model 3 Battery Degradation Data

The 3rd party apps despite their claims only aggregate the data and do not provide accurate information on degradation. Data collected by GeoTab suggests there is little to worry about but fast charging may be an issue.

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Measuring the battery voltage doesnt work too well as apart from this being pretty flat over a wide SoC range in the centre of the dischargecharge curve it will also vary with the chargedischarge current and with battery pack temperature Add in that the cell balancing phase at the end of an AC charge significantly increases the charging losses as does temperature and the SoC and its pretty clear that the SoC can only ever be a rough estimate of the true battery.

Tesla model 3 battery degradation data. A fast decay the first 25000 miles 40000 km of about 5 and then a slow decay of apps. Battery packs in electric vehicles slowly lose capacity to store energy over time. This translates that from a range of about 250 real miles it would pass about 229 miles after those km.

Although Tesla interestingly used to not clearly cover battery capacity degradation. The figure shows a similar behavior as our user findings shown below. In the early months a 90 charge displayed around 275-280 miles of range.

Model 3 battery degradation at 50000 miles YouTube. All the research Ive done points to that heat being a contributing factor to battery degradation and certainly a. However there are several articles that address battery degradation in higher milage Teslas at closer to 10 over 160k miles.

Lots of people are concerned about how quickly the battery in an electric car degrades. Research undertaken by Teslanomics a community of Tesla enthusiasts that seek to understand the true impact of Tesla products and programs by analyzing the data and seeing what it shows have analyzed battery degradation using data from 2636 Model 3 owners and found that most Tesla would retain above 90 battery capacity even after they. Real-world data showed that Tesla battery degradation was less than 10 after over 160000 miles 257500 km.

Thats opposite to BjΓΈrns former Tesla Model 3 Performance which in about two years and 80000 km 50000 miles lost about 8 charging mostly 60 of. Tesla Model 3 Battery Degradation After 27000 Miles Back in March 2019 Chris Tesla Model 3 had a maximum battery range of 309 miles. If you dont mind posting your data it would be helpful in having Tesla.

Tech Forum It turns out that Matthew lost only around 2 of the total battery capacity after completing his first 50000 miles. This slow decay is then typically. This is the relevant figure.

You could try recalibrate by doing a full charge trying to run it down as low as you can 20 miles 30 k or less and repeating a couple of times. There of course are no Model 3s out there that have tested the time period of the warranty but I believe some may be approaching the milage warranty. Our long-term Tesla Model 3 has so far lost 7 percent of its capacity over 24000 miles.

Matthew shared his thoughts on how much battery degradation hes seen in his Model 3 after driving more than 50000 miles. I purchased my car brand new 16 months ago and currently have 18000 miles on it and the degradation percentage is 125 and dropping. 7 in 175000 miles or 281000 km.

Frankly if you get to use 71 kWh of your battery it suggests its fine and your algorithm may be off. Tesla Owner Model 3 Mar 19 2021. Tesla battery degradation at less than 10 after over 160000 miles according to latest data.

Thats good math 90 of 310 is 279. Tesla Model 3 high mileage leaderboard Twitter. Battery capacity is measured in energy not miles.

265 and this morning256. If you want to know your usable battery capacity you need to measure the kWh expended from depleting the fully charged battery. Over the past few months and lately more drastically.

14th 2018 357 pm ET. If 50kWh were added for that 70 capacity the total 100 capacity would equate to 71428 kWh math is 507 or about a 4 12kWh decrease from a new LR Model 3 battery. Anyone else out there have serious battery degradation in their Model 3.

All EVs have lengthy. After about 150000 miles an average Tesla battery still maintains 92 of its initial capacity. The data shows that the performance of Tesla batteries in the degradation aspect is excellent.

Tesla has released new data showing that battery degradation over high mileage is limited which is good news but we have obtained more data that shows that not all of Teslas battery packs are. Without changing the charge limit I started seeing 272. Battery degradation is one of the.

One of the those highly ranked Model 3 owners on the list 8 is Matthew from the YouTube channel Tech Forum. Teslanomics has done some substantial research in Tesla battery degradation using data from 2600 vehicles which include Tesla Model S 3 and X looking at the graph it is clear that most of the Tesla vehicles retain above 90 battery capactiy after 100k miles some of the cars small blue circles in the graph showing early degradation most probably have a software bug or need to recalibrate the.

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